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Over 10 Million American Homes Are Already Powered By Solar

According to more than 60% of Americans are either seriously considering solar power for their homes or have already installed solar panels. Many just have unanswered questions that hold them back. 

EMPWR Solar makes going solar simply easier. We provide clear, helpful answers to your questions and ensure you understand how going solar will benefit you and your family.

Why Should I go solar? How does it help me?

Understanding Solar Incentives & Tax Credits.

Simply A Smarter Choice
To Power Your Home

As electricity prices increase, it’s no secret that people want to save on energy and for many homeowners, solar provides a long-term, low-risk way to do just that. Homeowners looking to save money on their monthly and long-term energy costs may be able to do so by leasing or purchasing solar as a cleaner, cheaper solution to fossil fuels. Isn't it time you look to see if solar could be the right fit for your family? After all the sun is free, electricity is not.


Predictable Power & Payments

Aren't you tired of fluctuating power bills? Electricity is the most costly recurring home bill for U.S. homeowners. It should be up to you how you consume, produce, and save on your power. 

No Up Front Costs Or Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Interested in going green while saving green? There are numerous ways to go solar, and we offer a variety of solutions that can be tailored to your unique electricity and financial needs. Many areas now even provide solar leases and power purchase agreements. 

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Generate Emissions-Free Power

Did you know that the average U.S. home consumes more than 10,750 kWh of electricity each year. That's the equivalent of burning 5,160 pounds of coal in a single year (cough cough)! Going solar is a great way to breath a little easier and help protect our planet for future generations. 

Federal Tax Credits & Other Incentives

Depending on your situation, you may qualify to reduce the cost of your system by 30% through the Solar Investment Tax Credit. Many states have additional rebates and incentives that can be added too.

Aren't You Just A Little Curious?

Have you been thinking about going solar? Take the first step and see what it would look like on YOUR house right now. With just a little information, you can instantly see how much savings your family can experience after you flip the switch on your very own solar system.

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Clean Energy Is Smart. EMPWR Makes It Smarter.

Our goal is to make your experience as easy and care-free as possible. Use Palmetto's industry leading technology to maximize your savings and impact for your home. From the initial quote through installation, power, and beyond, you’re just a few clicks away from everything you need. 


Experience The EMPWR Difference

Don't trust your solar project with just any company. Discover why EMPWR and our partners have become the most recognized name in providing homeowners an unparalleled customer experience.


Hear What Others Have To Say

We recently decided to get solar installed along with a whole home battery. Jason was awesome with all the details. Lou has been completely amazing with constant communication throughout the process! She kept me up to date with the schedule, product information, and even assisted me with an issue I thought I had with the power company. She's always there with a sweet attitude and a willingness to provide me with the best care possible! Thank you to the entire team!


S. Hobson

We just had our solar panels installed by EMPWR and it was an excellent experience. The sales process was super easy (no high pressure pitching at all) and Julie was great to work with. The installers that actually put the panels on the roof were some of the nicest, most courteous people who’ve worked at our house. They were very patient with our dogs, asked permission to leave materials overnight and stacked them neatly, and cleaned up everything! Can’t speak highly enough of them.

J. Leith

Highly recommend EMPWR. We had our panels installed a few months ago and it's been a 10 out of 10 experience. Previously I was an electrician and everything looks well done. The treatment and customer service from day one until today has been fantastic. Professionals who know what they are doing! The Customer Ambassador does a great job on keeping you (the customer) updated throughout the process. If you want solar panels, this is the company to go with. No cons, all pros.

C. Espinal

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Making A Difference Together









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