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Hello EMPWR!   We’re so excited for the spring to be here and with it, the season of solar selling has sprung to life! This particular spring also brings EMPWR into an exciting new chapter of our journey.    As most of you know, we have been reorganizing and preparing ourselves to relaunch EMPWR as it’s own stand alone company, just as we were prior to 2023. Our relationship with Palmetto was a blessing to allow us to regroup from an incredibly tough year for the solar industry in 2023. Although we’re so thankful for Palmetto, we all experienced some difficulties working inside of their processes both with sales and operations coming from the easier processes that EMPWR had been known for. Moving forward, we will still keep our relationship with Palmetto where needed, but EMPWR is now licensed in over 12 states with more to come in the next few weeks!    As of Wednesday, April 24th all sales will now be sold and managed through EMPWR’s portals, project management teams, and installation services. We have been diligently adding some of the most incredible new people to our staff, and fine tuning the processes and platforms to allow us to not only go back to being what EMPWR formerly was, but taking it to new exciting to heights.   As you probably know, EMPWR will no longer be building our own direct sales teams. Our vision is to specialize in the providing ALL solar salespeople with the tools, support, and operations needed to be incredibly successful in the industry!    We hope that each of you know how much you’re valued, and the dedication we’ve tried to serve you with even through challenging times in the industry. Just as we have always done, our focus is on trying to provide you the best opportunity to be successful, and we can’t wait to begin this new phase of EMPWR’s journey with you!   As of today, all former EMPWR sales representatives may now have a direct relationship with EMPWR as an EPC. To honor our past together, and to best set you up for future success EMPWR will be providing our sales partners with a $2.08 redline.    Along with this new $2.08 redline, all sales partners will have access to all the new partner success tools through EMPWR:  

  • Live-time Pipeline Commission Reporting

  • Partner Ambassadors to assist with pipeline reviews and DRC deficiencies 

  • ENZY D2D / Chats / Leaderboard Software

  • M1 Payment (front-end commissions)

  • Call Center Support (to rehash no-show appointments or cancellations)

  • Free Credit Repair

  • Live Sales Support

  • Enphase, Qcells, and Iron Ridge as Standard Products

  • Pearl Certification

  • Insightly CRM for Total Project Transparency

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